Brain-inspired Cognitive Intelligence Lab

Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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  • Bo Xu [Professor, Director]
  • Yi Zeng [Professor, Deputy Director]

Brain-Inspired Cognitive Computation

  • Qingqun Kong [Associate Professor]
  • Xin Liu [Assistant Professor]
  • Jun Bai [Associate Professor]
  • Qian Zhang [Associate Professor]
  • Guixiang Wang [Engineer]
  • Qian Liang [Engineer]
  • Xuan Tang [Engineer]
  • Yuxuan Zhao [Engineer]

Brain-Inspired Information Processing

  • Jiaming Xu[Assistant Professor]

Micro-scale Brain Structure Reconstruction

  • Qiwei Xie [Associate Professor]
  • Xi Chen [Associate Professor]
  • Guoqing Li [Assistant Professor]
  • Lijun Shen [Assistant Professor]
  • Lixin Wei [Assistant Professor]
  • Hongtu Ma [Engineer]
  • Wenhuan Yu [Assistant Engineer]

Brain-Inspired Robotics and Interaction

  • Zhenan Sun [Professor]
  • Juncheng Zou [Assistant Engineer]
  • Lihao Jia [Assistant Professor]
  • Yanfeng Lv [Assistant Professor]
  • Feifei Zhao [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Chang Shu [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Junran Peng [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Wangli Hao [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Yang Zhao [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Yuanyuan Shen [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Jinpeng Li [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Bocheng Zhao [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Shuai Wang [Ph.D Candidate]
  • Hongyin Zhu [Master Student]
  • Yuwei Wang [Master Student]
  • Qiang Rao [Master Student]
  • Huiweng Cao [Master Student]
  • Guang Qiao [Master Student]
  • Lin Li [Master Student]
  • He Guan [Master Student]
  • Maoke Yang [Master Student]
  • Xiaomei Kang [Master Student]
  • Ruihan Pan [Master Student]